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Am I The Right Fit For Your Family?

At Little Hands & Flourishing Minds, I strive to offer an alternative and unique program that differs from many preschools. I want to encourage a child’s natural motivation for learning and provide a second family for your children. My goal as a teacher is to partner with parents and develop a community of positive, inquisitive, and dedicated learners.

The following values are very important at Little Hands & Flourishing Minds Preschool:

Outdoor Lunch Picnic

Mixed Age Group

With a mixed-age group, all children play together building responsibility in the older kids and providing the younger kids with role models. 


  • learn together

  • a younger child’s vocabulary will increase through interaction with the older children

  • all children work together to complete a task

  • older children learn responsibility and patience through interacting with younger peers


Developmentally Appropriate Learning

As the teacher, I create with the children in mind. If necessary I modify my curriculum on a weekly basis. My classroom is designed so that children can have the freedom to explore materials and activities. 


  • ​age- appropriate materials

  • children engage in activities at their own pace 

Tj our Class Pet

Teach, Model, and Use Compassion

Kindness Matters! Children have an inborn capacity for compassion. My goal is to help them understand why kindness matters and what it means to be compassionate. With a mixed-age group setting, children learn about respect, responsibility, and that we are all unique! I foster children’s natural ability to be pure and loving. I will always model patience and kindness.

  Children will..

  • help each other with tasks

  • create friendships

  • be encouraged to solve their own problems 

  • learn leadership skills

  • feel safe and secure 


Emergent Curriculum & Academic Approach

There is a lot of learning and exploring to do on a daily basis. As a teacher, I am the facilitator and children have control over their learning through a wide range of experiences. I create a daily schedule, but depending on the flow of the day, the weather, and the children's input, it is subject to change. 

  Types of learning.. 

  • hands on fun! 

  • Students learn to write their name and the basics to have an advantage to go to kinder

  • work books

  • making connections with their surroundings 

  • designed learning themes and a balanced comprehensive curriculum 


Process over Product Learning

Process is all about the experience of learning. The process of art, the process of play, the process of writing skills, and so on! Each child learns their own way. We get messy, have fun, and I encourage children to take ownership of their learning.

  To support this...

  • many materials and art supplies for children to explore 

  • creative freedom to make and play what children want

  • children enjoying the process of learning

  • every child’s work will be unique

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Partners in Parenting

Building lasting relationships with children and their families is my goal. Many of your children are with me until preschool! Even after children go to elementary school, I stay in touch with family's! I am your “partner in parenting” and I will work closely with you to individualize care for your child. I will provide the support-system and encouragement parents need when they have to be away from their child.


Fresh & Healthy Meals

I serve fresh and healthy meals which always consist of fruits and vegetables, a grain, and a protein. I prepare meals and snacks for the children. However, there will be many opportunities for children to help with meal preparation.  

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