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“Mrs. Bricia is a teacher that left a forever impression on our families heart. She taught our youngest daughter and I am sadden that my 2 older daughters didn’t get the experience and education she provided. My daughter never wanted to leave her class. Mrs. Bricia taught my daughter the fundamentals that gave her an advantage in kindergarten. She also learned about classroom behavior and respect for other students. Her classroom control, positive reinforcements and genuine care for all students and families is what sets her apart from any other teacher. I am forever grateful for all she gave each and everyday. Any child would be lucky to have Mrs. Bricia as their first teacher".     -Darbee 



“Mrs. Bris is an incredible teacher!! My daughter and I love her! She has incredible professional skills to teach kids and not just professional, she has a HUGE heart, she is so sweet and treats the kids like her own kids!! Emma was very happy going to school because you were her teacher! we love you Mrs. Bris!"     -Karla  



“When I met Mrs. Bricia I thought big hair, big smile, big voice, big heart... my son flourished under her instruction and he sailed through kindergarten, firmly set on his path to first grade and beyond. Thank you, muchas gracias, Mrs. Bricia."    -Suzanne 



“It was a pleasure to have Mrs. Bricia as my son’s preschool teacher. I remember her kind smile every time we talked. She has a very positive way of talking to the children. My son had a wonderful time at school because of the fun-learning activities Mrs. Bricia planned. My son will always remember her as being his first teacher. Thank you Mrs. Bricia"   -Cecilia  


I cannot say enough about how wonderful Miss Bricia is.  We are so fortunate to have found a place for our little girl that is not only close to home but that is a loving and nurturing learning environment.  It was not an easy transition for our daughter to move here from her old daycare but Miss Bricia was so kind and encouraging and most of all PATIENT!  At 3 years old she already knows how to write her name and is learning the same sight words as her brother who is in kindergarten.  We are so impressed with the dedication she gives to her students and are excited to see what new things our girl will learn here.   -Jen 



We are so fortunate to have found a great home based preschool for my 3 year old son. When we went to tour this place, we instantly knew that this was a perfect place for my 3-year old and he would be happy here. He's been there only 5 months and he's learnt so much already. He knows his ABCD's, 1,2,3's until 20, how to share and play with other friends and knows so many new words. He loves going there and all the activities that Ms. Bricia does like art work, nature walks, baking, building  with legos and playing with dinosaurs. Ms. Bricia is so sweet, caring and patient. She goes above and beyond to make sure that her students are happy and treats them like one of her own. We are confident that our little one will be more than ready for Kindergarten in 2 years and looking forward to his progress until then!    -Radha 

We love Miss Bricia! After a very negative experience at one of the local SCV childcare facilities, we were lucky enough to find Miss Bricia! She engages the kiddos in fun, educational, creative activities to stimulate their minds and encourage social skills. She puts thought into her lesson plans and allows the kids the freedom to express their creativity. My son truly enjoys spending time with his "best friends" and most importantly he feels safe here! She is trustworthy, patient and kind. All traits she instills in her students as well!  - Brittney

Our daughter attended Little Hands for a year before she entered kinder. Mrs. Bricia was recommended to us from friends who had her as a teacher. We were overly impressed with the low student to teacher ratio, the clean, colorful, and safe environment as well as the academic curriculum. Mrs. Bricia's home based preschool included monthly enrichments: yoga class, music, a lot of art, Spanish and more! Another aspect we enjoyed was the attention to special events and holidays Mrs. Bricia would put together. All of these extra efforts created wonderful school experiences and memories for our daughter. Our daughter graduated Little Hands as a beginning reader excited about school and well prepared both socially and academically for Kindergarten. 

Mrs. Bricia, words cannot adequately express the peace of mind that came with knowing that our daughter was not only safe and well cared for during the day, but was truly loved by you. She played, learned, and grew in a warm, consistent, family-like environment. Thank you!    -Victoria

My twins have attended Little Hands & Flourishing Minds for approximately two years now. Mrs. Bricia is such a warm, genuine and creative person. My children absolutely adore her! When I drop my kids off in the am with Mrs. Bricia, I leave with confidence as I know they will be well cared for. My kids have not just thrived in their learning, but they have also thrived socially and emotionally due to the amazing environment Mrs. Bricia has created. 

Mrs. Bricia, thank you so much for treating my children with love and respect and always allowing them to go at their pace. My family truly loves and appreciate all that you do!!!    -Julie



My daughter went to this school for a year. We had an amazing experience. Mrs Bricia is a very warm, affectionate and creative Person. She was always on top of the class activities, schedule and curriculum. She had a very structured environment and gave personal attention to each student. My daughter learnt a lot from her in a very short time. She always shared feedback and also involved the parents by communicating and sending photos of the activities for that day. Once I dropped her off I knew she was in good hands. I would highly recommend her for a great preschool beginning.      -Reshma

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