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What Makes Me


Outdoor Dome
Outdoor STEAM with Shaving Cream
Learning Gives You Super Powers
Cooperative Cooking - Making Pizza
Outdoor Garden
Paseos Nature Walk
Outdoor Play Structure
YOGA - Bridge Pose
Pumpkin Patch Trip
Feed the Ducks Field Trip
Organic Garden

The Best of All Worlds! Why Choose Just One Approach?

Little Hands & Flourishing Minds is an independently owned and operated preschool I founded after determining that my children needed to be challenged intellectually while also being cared for.

The theory behind my approach is based on what I have learned after receiving my A.A in Early Childhood Education, and 7 years of teaching in different childcare centers/pre-schools. Also on my research regarding early childhood development practices, and current state and national learning foundations for California preschools. My goals are to meet a child’s social-emotional growth and to contribute to their naturally inquisitive nature through education.

            At Little Hands & Flourishing Minds I use a blend of Emergent Curriculum and Academic approaches. I have created a curriculum around themes which facilitate learning through hands-on activities that are either teacher or student led. My curriculum will support child development in the following areas: social-emotional, physical development & health, language, literacy and communication, mathematics, technology, creative arts, science, geography, and environmental studies.

            I pride myself on providing both high quality care and instruction for each child and I truly believe that children learn best through play and exploration. Therefore, I encourage them to play games, to use their imagination, to express their emotions, and to explore the world around them.

            Children in my care will have an enriching preschool experience and be prepared for kindergarten.

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